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Hi friends, here I am sharing an interesting experience of my life. I lived in Tasmania a beautiful island state of Australia. I belong to very rich family so I never bounded for spending money. And become a spendthrift. Whenever I get time from my job I planned for going out on tours with my friends. Few weeks before I went to Sydney to saw lotus temple and Adelaide for visiting the zoo. I have seen them before but went for fun. On this tour I met a person that change me a lot. One day when we went on hills for enjoy and was making noise, a man who was sitting beside us watching an album video. It grab my attention then I went to him and asked for album name. Soon he became a part of our gang and behave as us. He was from London and came there on a business tour. He was very fond of playing gamble and also have visited the Las Vegas for play. When I told him about myself, he advised me to play game and also share his reviews about his favorite game named as Chocolate Factory, I was surprised with this name because it is like a movie that I had seen before Charlie and chocolate factory. It was my one of the favorite movies, even I remind its full story and also saved it in pdf. He invited me to play with him. I was also curious to play. On evening I went on his apartment where he stayed and feel a warm welcome from him. Firstly he told me how to play this game and how to bet on right time that will increase your money, and effectively it worked for me.

This sport can be play online at any casino sites and featured with five pay-lines and nine reels. Basically the theme of this game is as the above movie where a man was the in-charge of the whole process and guide others. It was used as special wild symbols. In addition there was a bonus round called Dunk-A-Treat. This available for those players who made three same symbol in a single active pay-line. I was also one of them. I hope that my reviews will lead you to win more in this game. So keep enjoying and winning money!

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