Isis: The Egyptian Slot

To witness the great pyramids of Egypt has been my wish for so long and I haven’t quenched it yet practically. But I have played this online slot machine that gave you the glimpses of Egyptian theme from the great pyramids to the ancient god and goddesses. And today I will be talking about one of the same goddess called Isis, who was the Egyptian goddess of nature and magic.

And there is also a famous slot machine that is themed on the same goddess. The name of the pokie machine is also Isis. This Online poker machine got 25 available paylines and 5 reels, and it also accepts multiple coin sizes and wager amounts. And if you got lucky, who knows the Egyptian goddess may shower her blessings to you and you could hit bonus over bonus.

So, there I also decided to check my fate and downloaded the slot machine app in my android mobile phone. But before playing the pokie I made sure that I am all aware of the pay table rules of the game and i also made sure to go through all the payout terms of the online casino on which I was going to play at.

So after playing with the free spins for some time I thought of going for the real money version as well and for that I brought the credits via my PayPal account as it tend to be the safest platform for the online transactions. And guess what the Egyptian goddess really showered some gold on me and I win some big money out of the slot machine and it really was a wonderful experience as well.


Inca Gold

When coming to ancient America, The Incan Empire was one of the wealthiest civilizations, the same civilization used to come in the area that we know with name Peru nowadays. Well today I will be talking about this online casino slot that is based on the same theme, where you playing to win the gold preserved by the people of Incan empire and you will be fighting against to make it yours.

This ancient poker machine is a twenty line, 5 reel slot machine that can be played at most of the top online casinos of Australia. And last week I decided to taste the slot myself and for that I downloaded the pokie app in my android mobile phone. And to play with real money I had to pay for the credits, which I brought using my PayPal account.

But before putting my real money at stake, I also took the privilege to read all the pay table rules thoroughly as it is the best practice to avoid unnecessary loss. Apart from this the player must also ensure the payout conditions of the online casino at which he is going to play at.

For the boosters and better gaming experience I preferred playing at the local device, because playing them online without download certainly suppresses the quality of the graphics and the sounds. As I started playing I hit the jackpot on the very first spin and also made great money out of it, which made me came back for the slot again and won me more bucks another time. It was such a fun playing this epic slot.


Immortal Romance

The stories of vampire and predators have always enticed me and that is the reason that I haven’t spared a thing that is somehow linked or based on the same. When it comes to vampires I have seen from all the epic movies including, Dracula, twilight to the latest Vampire Diaries.

It is believe this is certainly a good plot to make movies, video games, romantic love stories and television and whenever something is created with the theme the out came has always be fruitful. And I will be talking about another successful casino slot that is also based on the same theme.

Yes I am talking about one of the most successful slot of the decade called Immortal Romance. It is a 243 ways to win slot, which effectively gives players 243 pay lines on a 5 reel machine, which is how these games get that players to like the casino slot. And the pokie also offers some great features as well including the free play option, no deposit bonus, no registration required and the free bonus codes.

With all the tempting offers and the theme, I couldn’t resist myself from playing it. I simply made the app download in my android phone as one of the gambler friends has once told me that it’s always better to play these online pokie at the local device if you wish for the best gaming experience. And I came to know that he has been telling this all right. After the download I made sure to read all the pay table rules and the payout conditions of the online casinos to play with credits that I brought via PayPal. So that there will be no confusion regarding the same and I don’t feel deceived later. And eventually I played the slot with real money and won few bonuses as well.


Houdini: The Magician’s Slot

I still remember the time when I was a kid and my grandpa used to trick me with his magic tricks and I felt so amused seeing him doing the magic. As he was not staying with my parent so I used to get to meet him only on the weekend and I had to wait all that long week to meet him. I used to feel so great around him and as I grew older he also told me the secrets to some his magic tricks. But unfortunately when I was 14 years he passed away.

It was such heartbreak; I didn’t even eat for days and couldn’t stop myself from thinking about him. Years passed and I keep practicing the tricks he told me earlier. The fundamentals of the magic tricks he has told me were simple but yet effective. And this bond of mine with the magic and him made me try this online slot machine called Houdini, which is based on the work of a world famous Magician harry Houdini, who was a Hungarian American illusionist and stunt performer.

When it comes to the slot machine that is based on the same plot, then it’s a 5 reel, twenty five line poker machines that requires the player to match symbols from left to right across the active pay lines. And you can only bet one coin per line and can adjust the stakes from a penny up to eight euros per line. And if I talk about the wild and scatter symbols then you will certainly going to see the magic hats, rabbits, magic wands, handcuffs and so on. Although I am not a big time player, but I went for this slot machine because of the theme it was offering and I enjoyed the same as well.


Hot Shot

This last month I was on a business trip to Australia and I was pretty excited to witness the beauty of the island continent as I was visiting the country for the first time. The thing that me pretty desperate was it land based casinos and In order to get the essence I finally pulled out my mobile phone and start looking for the best slot online that I can play to kill the time.

And I came to know that there has been a slot that is based on the baseball theme. And being an American what could I prefer over the baseball game. the name of the slot was Hot Shot and i was really wondering later that how the Australian online casino gaming company came up with the sport that is not so popular in Australia, but more in United states.

Well, anyways I read about the pokie machine and find out that it’s a 5 reel, 9 pay line slot machine that can be played most of the top online casinos of Australia. Although the gamblers can only bet a single coin on each line, several different coin values are offered. Although the pokie doesn’t offer any special feature but still has got the massive fan following.

And when I get to know about this slot, I thought of giving it a try with free play option. So I went to this online casino forum where a player has suggested this casino platform where I could play slot with no deposit bonus, no registration and free spins for the new players. So I played the plot on the same online casino and had a great time, it was a real nice slot to play for fun and would certainly play it on reaching the city as well.


Great Griffin

When it comes to online casino slots that are based on mythological themes, my personal favorite is the Great griffin. It’s about a mighty creature with the head of an eagle and the rest of the body is of a lion, which used to protect the ancient treasure from the thieves and the pirates.

But by playing this slot, you can certainly become friends with it and who know the creature might shower his blessing and treasure over you. Well, when I heard about the slot from an New Zealand friend of mine I decided to play it instantly and make the full download of it in my android device.

Before attempting the slot machine with the genuine cash, I consideration of getting keen a smidgen. As my New Zealand companion has additionally disclosed to me that it’s important to realize the spaces standards of pay table and the payout terms of the club stage before putting the genuine cash into it. So I did likewise and read the space’s audits on some genuine online casino gatherings and furthermore watch the instructional exercise recordings of the opening on YouTube, So that I can get sagacious with the interface and the guidelines.

And I came to know that it is a 5 reel, fifty pay line pokie with a mythological theme crafted by Micro gaming. In this slot machine, the gambler has the choice of betting up to dollar 0.10 per coin and up to ten coins per line. Apart from this, there are plenty of special features as well that can be enjoyed throughout the game, including a bonus round, random wilds, and free spins to take the free trial of the slot.